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Drawing Career Direction

Non-fiction means i can draw Whales

Non-fiction means i can draw Whales

Finding my career direction as an illustrator

It’s the start of 2019 and that can only mean 1 thing – I write a blog post. Well that and the new year resolution mark-lee – something about the start of a new year makes us make more of an effort to do something new (clearly for me not use English very well – makes us make??).

Well what’s my something new? I can’t think of anything. New that is. The same thing is there from every day of the last year, find a career direction as an illustrator. Something I can aim towards it to make a good living from illustration (by good I mean pay for stuff like food and heating) and also get a satisfaction from my work. Last year sent me in a direction I had not expected in my career.

Changing Directions

Through a very kind gesture from a friend and a large slice of luck. This direction was illustrating non-fiction books for children. I took the work because, at the time, it was paid work that was very welcomed. I couldn’t have realised how much I would have ended up enjoying the projects that followed and wanted more, lots more! Which opened up an area of illustration I had long since put in the “no way I can do that pile”.

After trying very unsuccessfully to crack lifestyle, editorial and fashion illustration (I got some work in the latter and barely anything in the other 2). I was at a point thinking – well my style clearly doesn’t work well for those areas so what path am I going to go on instead. The answer I was sadly coming to was no idea.

Then the non-fiction stuff was an unexpected revelation, its not something I would of at first chosen to do as I didn’t feel I was best suited for it (though it does have a lot of links to my vector work). I’ve worked on 6 projects now though and they were all great! So I feel I have the career direction as an illustrator for sure.

The Path Ahead

Yes I’d still love to get into the windows of Marks and Spencers one day or do all the illustrated products for Star Trek (hey they will never get a more accurate illustrator – no firing phasers out of the Enterprise’s sensor dome from me). I also want to do more work for me that I hope I can sell as prints as cards which hopefully can make me enough change for a muffin or two.

So I guess the only thing 2019 has over the previous 5 years as an illustrator is I, at last, have decided to go down a path rather than keep spinning around choosing a road to travel.

I hope your 2019 reveals a path or two to follow, but I guess we won’t know if it’ll be successful until we travel along some – good journey to us all.