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Energy in the right places on the right things

Don't get fried by using energy for the wrong thing.

Don't get fried by using energy for the wrong thing.

A few recent conversations with a couple of nice people (namely Deb and Phil) have lead me to something that, okay is very easy to say (isn’t everything) but very hard to do but ultimately, the thing to do! I’m going to witter on now to see if it makes sense and if it’s something that you suffer from and need help with too.

We only have so much time in a day and energy to get things done and if you’re like me it seems most of that energy is directed at the wrong things, reacting to here and now situations and the behaviour of people who really aren’t important they just make the most noise. This noise is just that noise but its hard to ignore and it distracts from the goals we need to set ourselves and aim for to make sure we have the life that we desire.

For too long I’ve been stuck in the here and now and taking too much notice and giving too much time to people and events that really don’t deserve it but yet they fully have diverted my attention. A big one is people who start acting up and making me feel like I’ve made mistakes or done something wrong to them so I then focus on them and try to fix things and make up for things that I haven’t even done. This is a chief one for me. I just want to sort things out and try to be the same person to everyone the penny dropped the other day when I was talking this over with my friend Ally – I’d spoken about this though lots of times before and although it had registered it hadn’t clicked. It’s the hope now that I have clicked with this I can recognise the signs. The tough thing of course is the going through with an action or indeed ignoring an action – that’s really hard, especially with people. I’ve took the major step of trying to cut some people out of my life who were just using me to build themselves up but when that’s not an option how do you distance yourself from the here and now if that’s what you usually do?

Habits are hard to break but the focus and goal I want for myself, to be a successful illustrator – working for advertising and editorial clients, fashion houses and retail shops doing work I enjoy and brings me and others something so I have to make this the question when I feel myself react to a situation – is reacting to this situation helping or hindering me from what I want? It’s the hope that over time this new habit will override the usual way I react and push me on.

That’s what this new year is about pushing on, in the direction I want to go with my own self and my career. Utlimately my happiness and satisfaction in what I’m doing and what I produce will only be improved if I strive to improve it. Things happen people do things my reaction to them has to change in order for me to move away and upwards. People I can’t control who do things I also can’t control need to be excepted and passed on – as Phil and Deb have said – it’s a waste of energy.

This excites me that I know I have the power to direct energy – to see the way. It’s really hard to decide and figure out what you want to do with your life. Illustration has only recently presented itself as the thing I want to do. It’s even harder to realise the dream of doing what you want with your life. So this takes so much time, effort and (yes you guessed it you clever sods) energy to make it happen. This is totally fine because its productively used and invested and this is great. This is what it should be like giddy excitement, determination to succeed to plow into it and to build something, the sense of pride and achievement is like nothing else. No sorry people or events that want my attention that take me from this path – you can’t be doing that anymore – I’m sure there’s someone else who can help you if you need. It’s no longer going to be me.

This is the same for holding grudges or barring malice – does it actually serve you? Does it help? The answer is no. Of course it’s hard to switch off the anger and hurt from being hurt initially – oh my letting things go – this is a quest in itself but the ultimate prize is there and I want it. I want to be the best illustrator I can, I also want to help get others to that point too – I want to have as many good people with me because that collection of good energy can only serve us to the highest whatever our individual goals are!

Man this is going to be tough – but thats what this all is! The calling clients, sending promo, making leaps, getting scared, facing the fear – this is my journey and I have to do it. I hope you can do your journey too and if you’re going with me you’ve got an open offer of assistance whenever you need. Let’s do this!