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The age old cry of the oppressor (maybe a bit far there) for the illustrator – what style, what look will determine the work that they produce. Man I wrestle with this all the time until I read an article by Giuseppe Castellano about finding your illustrative voice, it’s a really good article and its rung in my ears ever since reading it. Though I’ve still struggled with taking its lessons I’ve kept plugging away with drawing and painting – work that has come in has been of various styles and directions and there’s no voice in any of them. So where’s my voice what do I want to say in my work. Good question.

Until recently I’ve been hoping between painting styles – I thought I’d stumbled onto something good with the New Years work – I certainly liked the drawings but the coloured versions where so so, then the Charles Tyrwhitt project landed and I found I actually preferred the one that used a different way of painting – sigh back to the drawing board.

I really want to speak me through my work and for the strongest work I do be the work that people see and ask me to do more of to solve their illustration brief problems. That’s the thing in the end I also see illustration as one of the doors in the Graphic Design lobby, so illustration must also communicate have a voice otherwise it’s just art and who knows what that’s about sometimes. So I’m going to keep on at it find that voice. My recent watercolour has helped me as I enjoyed doing it and enjoy the results – fashion and editorial combinations really appeal to me and I want to tell stories through my work as that’s my wish for every piece to capture a moment and tell a story – the way I do it is just as important and both combine to make my own illustrative voice, I just hope people want to hear it. 😀