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Jane Austen Centre Picture

Jane Austen Centre Picture

Recently the lovely people over at the Jane Austen Centre, took my Pride and Prejudice illustration and made it a print available from their gift shop website. I was over the moon and very humbled by it and it all came from an act of cheekiness.

Lex (my awesome lovely girlfriend – if you didn’t know) had suggested for a while to get in touch with them to show them my work. Pushing my work on people is a part of illustration I am quite awful at and really need to get a lot better with because how am I going to fund my addiction to paying my bills and eating food without work I ask myself! So armed with the unwavering faith of my very own Sheffieldian I worked up the courage to drop Jane Austen an email, at best thinking I’d get a pat on the head, most realistically expecting silence, at worse thinking I’d be told to never contact them again.

None of this happened, instead a very nice lady called Jenni contacted me and said my work was lovely and asked if they could sell my illustration in thier shop, excitement everywhere! Lex is still doing “little wees” and I’m still astonished. I’m so very utterly grateful to Jenni and the Jane Austen Centre for taking the leap of faith with my work and I’m so very utterly grateful and thankful to Lex for firstly having any sort of faith in me and more importantly agreeing to spend any time with me whatsoever.

If you would like a Pride & Prejudice print of these on your wall – you can get a copy over here

The lesson here kids – ask, show, promote, you just never fucking know.