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I’ve recently got it into my head that because a lot of my work I show on my website doesn’t actually exist in the real world that I wanted to show how it would exist in the real world. My thinking here is to ground and give an example to how my visual voice works in tangible products, a real life brief. This I think show’s how I can be of use to potential clients and brands. How I can enhance their message.

When you look at illustrators who do have a lot of real life clients (in their visual voice – I do have real life clients, just that work is not in my chosen preferred style) you can see the illustration and where it’s used, I like that and was thinking that without that application you can’t give people an insight into how you will be able to help them or become a part of their team.

Time will tell if this is effective but it’s also great to inspire and test your own visualisation skills. Obviously I used to be a designer so am able to ply my hand to a magazine layout or a product design, and whilst I’m not trying to change the world, I’m hoping the designs are usable and attractive and help both promote my work and give the viewer of said work less to do when looking at it, no need to imagine where that picture can be used as it’s demonstrated already.

I remember at uni (I did multimedia design – which the least said about that the better) that we were always encouraged to collaborate with the other disciplines to get the best result but it didn’t go the other way so illustrators displayed their work quite poorly and without consideration and I think it’s a good lesson to learn – if you want to make it as an illustrator you have to have it applied to something, whether it’s a magazine, notebook, poster, picture book, illustration is a way to illustrate something clearer so if you just draw a picture its a nice picture but it doesn’t have a use. That to me is more like a piece of art, illustrative yes but still its a picture for pictures sake – which of course has a place and is also fun to do but for me I want to illustrate pictures for use in campaigns, advertisements, banners, websites – there’s a great satisfaction working with people to help their message be spoken and seen and heard and enjoyed and also very nice to point at something and go “I did that”.