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Star Trek 50 Year
Charity Art Auction

The Star Trek Exhibition takes shape

The Star Trek Exhibition takes shape

The great artwork on show

The great artwork on show

On the 8th of September 2016 – my 2nd favourite sci-fi show and the one I’m very obsessed with and have watched since I was a kid turned 50 and to celebrate I organised a charity art auction with the help of a local venue called Constellations in the city of Liverpool.

The night was a great laugh and very busy – I was in charge of taking bids for all the artwork on show and what an immense collection we had. Nearly 30 artists with nearly 40 pieces from all incarnations of Star Trek, was a lot of fun and we raised a nice bit of cash for the British Heart Foundation.

On a personal level it was very rewarding and humbling to get the interest and work for the show, I was also proud that my anxiety and fears didn’t get the better of me and I was able to manage and deal with everyone who came pretty well I thought (this is where there’s been countless complaints :D). I love Star Trek and love illustration so being part of something that combined the two was awesome. Made me realise too I take things to seriously and to heart and to just go with the flow.

So all in all a massive success both for Star Trek, the BHF, for the artists, bidders and my own mental health.


The artists involved and a big thank you to them

Deborah Partington
Claire McCann
Lee Cosgrove
Sean Webster
Richard Weaver
Tony Westwood
Jenny Brown
Abigail Sinclair
Bruce Parker
Ally Filby
Jim Bampfield
Marcus Merritt
Colin Kersley
Lizzie Campbell
Dave Pratt
Natalie Smillie
Marc Aspinall
Gaz Scott
Josh Worrell
Dave Gaskin
Sam Gilby
Chris Williams
Nneka Nugent
Adam Irwin
Ollie Hoff

Also big thanks to Constellations and Lee Marsden