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The return of the witter

Lots to witter about

Lots to witter about

I’m jumping on all the cliches, all the bandwagons, all the metaphors and starting 2018 with the intention to blog more, read more, work more, earn more, blah blah bladidiblah!

This blog post was originally going to be inspirational, insightful, the ways to get work and make millions, if it wasn’t for the fact I have no idea how to do that (yet – I hope yet, I hope soon I can write that post and share my valuable thoughts – maybe sell it in an ebook – yeah that would be good… sorry) so I’m writing this post instead.

I’ve been trying to resume blogging for nearly a year now, I just could never think of anything to say. Let out my frustrations about freelancing, champion inspirational people, discuss interesting ideas and areas of the illustration/creative industry – but everytime I came to type – I just got hit by the same wave of feeling when I try looking for work, what’s the point – why would anyone care? Is this a link to my depression and the thoughts that circle within thanks to that wonderful (not wonderful) afflicition? More than likely – so how do I beat it.

You’re expecting the answer there aren’t you? (or not if no one is reading this far after getting put off by this insanely rabbling rabble) Well I don’t have it and I guess that’s what this blog is about and what I hope carries on with this blog. I want this to develop into a useful resource for people – here’s how you get clients and be happy – but I also want this to change my thinking pattern and be a help against those wonderfully destructive and unproductive thoughts.

The point is, I guess, to get out of life the things that will make me happy and allow me to make a positive contribution to my life, my loved ones lives and to friends, clients, animals I encounter along the way.

So witter time is back, sometimes it’ll be utter, utter bollocks. Most times. Rarely it maybe useful but hopefully always it’ll be helpful to you dear reader (and you too dear Alexis – guaranteed reader) and me too.