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Up the long ladder

Instagram stories are great, I’m a bit of an addict. They’re filled with insights, inspiration, the odd preview, heart felt or funny tale, recipes too – don’t forget the recipes.

I also like the chats they’ve started, usually starting with the adjective – awesome, I pass on my well wishes or try to reflect on what I’ve just witnessed because I’m a firm believer of if something is good – tell that thing or the creator of that thing “that’s good”. This then leads to chats here and there about other things and it was during one of those chats with @missmagpiespy/ Niki Groom that lead me to the thinking of not only helping a person’s soul by saying “good work ol chap” but also “good work ol chap, let me give you a leg up!”

We’re all here on this planet, as Carl Sagan said “On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives” so if we’re all here together – why not let’s help each other get to where they’re going, because we’ve all got to live here we may all as well be happy, plus helping is great for two reasons. One, we’ve helped someone get something they didn’t have before – that’s a great feeling of knowing we aided them. Two, that person just got something they didn’t have before. We both win. Let’s use that adjective again – awesome!

If we can all get what we want by ourselves and by helping each other well what a happy place that’ll be. I think anyway. Sure it’s a bit of a romantic, optimistic view but come on now I’m a massive Star Trek fan, that’s what my views are supposed to be (big thank you for them creating an episode I could steal the title from for this blog post).

I hope I can help people get ahead but at the very least, for now, I can say “good work ol chap”