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Watercolour Challenge

Sketch of a couple

Finished painted couple

A play with watercolour

I’m always trying to improve my drawing skills and get a style down that I’m happy with and want to work within going forward. I could easily be a jack of all trades illustrator and am happy to look at all briefs but I’d like to be able to answer them in the styles I’m strongest in and styles I enjoy most. The trouble is finding those styles – for the last few years I’ve been working on a few style choices – ways of painting, style of drawing.

I’m a big fan of editorial lifestyle illustration and fashion illustration so finding a mix of the two is my main aim. I’m slowly getting there I think. I’ve recently started experimenting with more of a fashion style to finish my illustrations, using watercolour brushes and techniques to finish my work. I’m enjoying it. I am of course always battering my head thinking is it good enough? Is it the right level of polish? Is it commercially viable? Does it have a good visual language? Of course I understand we all go through these thoughts but it’s my hope that the answer to all these questions is yes. Mostly because I want to work in the areas I want, answering briefs in the best way and the best visual style I can produce.

So here’s where I’m up to – I’ve started doing pieces using digital watercolour brushes – you can see some here and I’ve even started using real life brushes. I really enjoy the results and hope to develop more work in that style and use it going forward in my illustrative career.