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What to draw

Illustration of an adventuring cyclist

Doing personal pieces to fill out my portfolio with the voice I am a bit more sure of using is taking time as I keep having blanks of what to draw and how much is enough to then start using any of it. Further to this is it varied enough. I’ve got ideas for the next 2 or 3 pieces, 2 quite clear 1 very hazy so may leave that one. One idea is to redo older pieces that I liked but are now a bit too cartoony for my current offerings. I’m definitely doing a vespa scooter piece against a backdrop of colourful Parisian or London houses, then the next is something football related. Surely enough for now – beyond that I want to do a suit related one because that’s a long time coming and then a cycling one – that I’ve already started drawing up. So maybe I’m okay and I’m just getting myself in a tis about it all.

Thank goodness for writing a blog to make it all sound okay. Will report back with sketches and the like for upcoming pieces, think that will make a nice blog post (I hope). This post really is Ste has a brain fart on the internet. If you read all this, sorry so here’s a picture I drew of a cyclist.

I think this shows too the importance of evacuating your mind and writing things down or making to do lists – it shows that its not as bad as you think as theres no worries on a page just letters collected together to (hopefully) make sentences (that also hopefully make sense) that explain and clearly show what you have to do.

Vespa x 4
Footballers x 20

That should more than do 😀